Visitor Tips


1. Be Prepared! See our Rules of the Trails below. There are no vending machines or food


sales, so bring your own water, bug spray and sunscreen. Wear comfortable shoes and


plan to stay a while.


2. Stop by the interpretive center and talk with a host! They can help you plan your visit


and find out which trail is best for you.


3. Bring your binoculars and camera! Oxley Nature Center is a birder’s paradise – more


than 200 kinds of birds have been sighted. Deer, raccoon, bobcat, mink, skunk, coyote,


flying squirrel, and beaver all make their homes here. The evidence of their presence is


all around you – droppings, tracks, a tuft of fur, a chewed tree.


4. Use all of your senses to explore! Look for animal tracks, listen to the birds, feel the


breeze on your skin, and smell the flowers!

5. Have fun and come back often!

Rules of The Trails

Because of the special character of this area, and the rarity of its plants and animals, please be


respectful and follow all rules!


1.  No pets (including horses), bikes, or motorized vehicles!


2. No fireworks or other loud noise making devices.


3. No hunting or target practice (firearms, air rifles, bows, paintball guns, etc.).


4.  Fishing is allowed in designated areas only.


5. No swimming, overnight camping, or fires.


6. Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.