This trail travels alongside Bird Creek and connects to the Green Dragon

north woods trails

Three different trails exist in the North Woods area.

blackbird marsh trail

The Bridge, crossing Coal Creek, was built by the Friends of Oxley in 1992 to allow visitors and school groups easy access to Blackbird Marsh for wetlands study.

bob's trail

A 600 foot boardwalk extends over the Blackbird Marsh allowing "hands-on" investigation of aquatic plants and animals.


Level grass trail, along the woods’ edge above the City’s water lines from Lakes Eucha and Spavinaw.


Originally built as a fish hatcheries pond in the 1930's, this attraction is a true testament of nature's ability to evolve. 


red fox trail

Level gravel wooded trail with numbered posts for self-guided sensory awareness tour. Two connector trails lead to the Flowline Trail, and 0.24 mi Bob’s Trail connects Red Fox Trail to Blue Heron Trail.

green dragon trail

Named after a wildflower, this trail connects the Woodpecker trail to Mohawk Blvd. Mostly level dirt trail wanders through a pine oak- pecan forest.

prairie trail

Level grass trail winding through tall grasses and prairie flowers. A good place to look for butterflies in summer and sparrows in winter.

blue heron trail

Level dirt trail with posts for self-guided tour, looping around one of the old fish hatchery ponds, with bird blinds overlooking Lake Sherry.

Trails bird's eye view

bird creek



red fox


blackbird marsh

blue heron

green dragon


east coal creek

west coal creek

white tail